Welcome to a world of hooker babes and lady pimps, of johns and hoes, of jealous men, slutty women and the madam who spanks them. Spanking training is a part of life for these call girls, on the job, in the bedroom and at home. Barebottom spanking, OTK spanking, strapping paddling and all the best in adult spanking form Clare Fonda and starring the hottest spanking models of on the net. Girls spanking Girls, Men Spanking Naughty Prostitutes in fun and edgy spanking porn.
Veronica and Ten's Father's Day Spankings
Veronica spanks Ten when she hears that Ten was seeing Veronica's dad as a client. But when Ten learns that Veronica was having sex with Ten's dad, who is no longer living, then some revenge spanking is in order. Very dark scene, but with a lighter tone, and hard spankings.
Koko and Nikki Spanking In France
Nikki Rogue convince Koko Kitten to work in France. But when Koko discovers Nikki did not inform Madam Snow, her silence comes with a price - she gets to spank Nikki. But Nikki thinks Koko went too hard, so she gives Koko a spanking, too. The girls use hands, and a hard wooden mirror. Wonder if Madam Snow will find out and what will happen if she does? Stay tuned.
Veronica Breaks in Lilly Banks
Lilly Banks is the hot new blonde girl who must learn the ropes from Veronica, who has no choice but to spank the young beauty. But when Clare Fonda (yes Clare makes a cameo on the phone) calls from Europe, Lilly promises not to tell Clare what Veronica did only if Lilly can get a revenge spanking.
Kordelia Spanked by Double Dan
Kordelia is new to the club and because Madam Clare is no longer around, she believes that she can do whatever she wants. But Clare is a long time friend of Double Dan's who Kordelia is now seeing. So guess how Double Dan teaches Kordelia the rules? Right, with an over-the-knee spanking.
Veronica Teaches New Girl Heather the Ropes
Veronica Ricci has been told she must teach new girl Heather Green all about life as a call girl. So Veronica uses a banana to instruct on the art of BJs. When Heather can't get it right, Veronica decides to give Heather a sound spanking. Of course before the night is over, Heather will get Veronica over her knee as well.
Anikka Albrite and Mary Jane Spank Each Other
Two of the curviest, juciest booties you will find anywhere, Anikka Albrie and Mary Jane square off over a disagreement, spanking each other over the knee. These are long hard, hand spankings that result in bouncing, red bottoms.
New Girl Cassie Ramone Learns the Ropes from Veronica
Veronica Ricci wants to quit smoking and tells new girl Cassie Ramone she must do anything to help her. So Cassie spanks the seasoned call girl extremely hard. But Veronica decides she doesn't want this from the younger girl, so she turns the tables and puts Cassie over her knee and teaches her a thing or two about life. With a spanking so hard that both girls ended up bruised for days.
Madam Lana Spanks Dani & Ginger for Fighting
New girls Danielle Hunt and Ginger S. are fighting over a client. Literally. When Lana catches them, she decides she needs to lay down the law. So she gives them both a sound over the knee spanking, including 10 whacks with a paddle. When she leaves, Dani decides it was Ginger's fault and she spanks her as well.
Veronica Meets Evil Nurse Asphyxia Noir
Veronica goes in to get tested, but the nurse behaves rather strangely. First, she takes Veronica's temperature anally. Then she begins spanking Veronica super hard, lecturing her on how to change her ways. She even breaks a large paddle over Veronica's ass. Finally, Veronica has had enough and fights back, getting Nurse Asphyxia over her knee and teaching her just how tough and strong call girls can be. Both ladies leave with very sore and red bottoms.
Melissa and Alyssa Fight and Spank Over a Job
Melissa Jacobs and Alyssa Reece have been to the same job. They fight over who should stay - wrestling and then spanking each other a bright shade of red. See who will win the spank-off.
Veronica and Lexi Belle Battle In Bubble Bath
When Veronica Ricci and Lexi Belle get together in the bubble bath, they realize that the client is not coming. And Veronica has been drinking. So Lexi spanks her with her hand and a wicked wooden bath brush. Then she puts Veronica over her knee and introduces Veronica to some painful anal beads. Veronica finally has enough and puts Lexi over her knee for a sound spanking of her own.
Lana Breaks In Michelle and Mandee Miller
Lana spanks her real life relatives Michelle and Mandee Miller as they play sassy call girls with major attitude. When Lana is finished with them they are wailing and repentant.
Dr. Ryan Keely Gives Audrey An Anal Surprise
Dr. Ryan Keely greets Call Girl Audrey Tate (played by Penthouses Pet Veronica Ricci) with a drink that drugs her. She drags Audrey over her knee (easily because she drugs her) where she takes her temperature anally before spanking long and hard with her hand and a large paddle. She has Audrey bend over and she spanks her with her clipboard and a yard stick. Dr. Keely admits that she is kinky, and gets over Audrey's knee for a hard spanking. Ryan Keely plays the doctor and Ryan is a Penthouse Pet with a curvy bottom doing her first ever spanking scene. She gives and takes a sound spanking leaving two red bottoms.
New Girls Alex and Heather Have A Spank-off Over a Gig
Madam Snow calls Heather to inform her that either she or her friend Alex will be getting their first job with Snow's company. After she hangs up, Heather declares that she is the chosen one. But Alex disagrees and the girls begin wrestling and spanking each other. They end up over each others knee for long dosages of spanking, with hand and hairbrush, until one gives in.
Birthday Spanking Party
It is Maidson's birthday and Madam Snow has ordered Audrey Tate (played by Veronica Ricci) to throw a great party or else. Well the party goes bad from the get-go as Audrey has stuffed the pinata with tissue instead of candy because she thinks the girls butts are getting too big. Madison gets to spank each girl or she will tell. She also paddles them. But then they gang up on her and give her many, many birthday spankings. Ashley Rose is annoying them all, so they oil up her hiney and all spank her, too. This episode was conceived and directed by Veronica Ricci. It introduces three new models to the site, including Aaliya Love.


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