Welcome to a world of hooker babes and lady pimps, of johns and hoes, of jealous men, slutty women and the madam who spanks them. Spanking training is a part of life for these call girls, on the job, in the bedroom and at home. Barebottom spanking, OTK spanking, strapping paddling and all the best in adult spanking form Clare Fonda and starring the hottest spanking models of on the net. Girls spanking Girls, Men Spanking Naughty Prostitutes in fun and edgy spanking porn. Try these samples to make sure they'll work on your device: MP4, WMV and Mobile MP4.
Sky Spanks Madi Gigi
Tall and powerful beauty Sky Terrapin is upset with house maid Gigi Lea for not cleaning like she has been paid to do. Sky teaches Gigi the old fashioned way, with a sound spanking over her knee. The size dynamic is delightful.
Snow Spanks Lux In Dungeon
Madam Snow Mercy is angry at Lux Lives for spanking the house chef, who then quit. The powerful Snow punishes Lux in her dungeon, first with an over-the-knee spanking. Then Snow has Lux bend over for a good flogging. Lux learns her lesson the hard way.
Lux Spanks Chef Violet
Violet Faraday is the new chef for the cat house. Giant beauty Lux Lives does not care for her cooking. In fact, Lux thinks that Violet is a terrible cook who is not prepared for the job. Lux puts Violet over her knee for a sound spanking that turns her curvy bottom bright red.
Protestor Yasmine Spanks Rachel
Protestor Yasmine Sinclair has booked Rachel Adams for a session. But what she really wants to do is give Rachel a spanking because she does not respect her. So she puts Rachel over her knee for a sound spanking and paddling.
Snow Spanks Reyna In Costume Room
Reyna St. Clair was supposed to be cleaning the costume room. But she was on her phone, slacking off. Madam Snow Mercy marches into the room and gives Reyna a sound spanking over her knee. She even breaks a wood paddle over that curvy bottom, teaching Reyna a lesson she will not forget.
Sorella Spanked For Insults
When Madam SamanthaB catches Smitten Sorella insulting a client on the phone she decides to teach her a lesson right then and there. Sorella bends over the bed for a sound strapping on her curvy bottom, turning it bright red.
Ziva Breaks In New Lady
Astrid Allure is the new lady in the cat house. She meets Ziva Fey, who will be breaking her in. Ziva shows Astrid, right in the dungeon, how discipline is dished out whenever needed by giving Astrid a sound spanking on her curvy bottom.
Sophia Spanked For Stealing Food
Inspired by a true story, Sophia Quinn reports to her boss Miss Bernadette, who accuses Sophia of eating food at the hotel without paying. While Miss Bernadette spanks Sophia, she explains that this means Sophia is stealing and deserves this painful punishment on her curvy, now sore, bottom.
Riley Haze Gets Spanked
Riley Haze recently spanked Lexi, who was coming to visit her boss. But Riley did not have permission from her boss to spank his client Lexi. And now the boss is going to give Riley a dose of her own medicine. A sound spanking with hand and the brat paddle.
Clare Gets Revenge
Madam Cheyenne recently spanked Madam Clare Fonda for stealing her girl Amanda. Now Clare confronts Amanda, played by Em Indica, and discovers that her sneaking around is what got Clare spanked. So Clare spanks and paddles Amanda as retribution.
Paula Spanked For Bad Skills
Paula Diamond is trying to learn how to be a call girl from Irene Silver. But Paula is so bad at it that Irene becomes frustrated and decides to put Paula over her knee for a sound spanking to improve her focus.
Madam Clare Spanked By Madam Cheyenne
Madam Cheyenne Jewel storms into the office of Madam Clare Fonda to express her displeasure about Clare using one of her girls. Clare tries to convince Cheyenne it was all a misunderstanding, but she cannot escape the spanking from this powerful madam.
Riley Haze Spanks Lexi In Office
Riley Haze works in an office at a clothing store. When Lexi Holland visits, wearing a very skimpy outfit, and is there to see the boss, Riley threatens to report her. Lexi will do anything to avoid that, so she ends up over the knee receiving a painful spanking with a wooden ruler.
Tiana Punished In Dungeon
Tiana Irie goes to visit Madam Snow Mercy in her dungeon. She is hoping to clear up her mess with Yasmine, who recently spanked her. But since she still cannot pay the Madame, Snow spanks, flogs and canes Tiana, leaving her bottom extra sore.
Yasmine Spanks Tiana
Tiana Irie believes that she went on a date with Yasmine Sinclair. But Yasmine is a call girl and believes she made it clear what the arrangement was. When Tiana explains that she cannot pay, Yasmine puts her over her knee and gives Tiana a painful spanking as punishment.


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