Welcome to a world of hooker babes and lady pimps, of johns and hoes, of jealous men, slutty women and the madam who spanks them. Spanking training is a part of life for these call girls, on the job, in the bedroom and at home. Barebottom spanking, OTK spanking, strapping paddling and all the best in adult spanking form Clare Fonda and starring the hottest spanking models of on the net. Girls spanking Girls, Men Spanking Naughty Prostitutes in fun and edgy spanking porn. Try these samples to make sure they'll work on your device: MP4, WMV and Mobile MP4.
Madam Clare Spanks Madi Laine
Madi Laine is a cute new worker that Madam Clare Fonda has taken under her wing. But when she finds out that Madi ditched a client because they had a disagreement over politics, Clare teaches Madi a lesson in discretion with a sound spanking over her knee. Madi is red and sore after this.
Wrong Costume Results In Spanking
Wolfie is the new girl who did not understand the rules for the costume party for the clients. Apricot Pitts told her what costume to wear and she chose one instead that could be considered controversial. So she ends up getting quite a spanking from Apricot until she realizes that she must change her outfit.
Rosario Stone Spanks Kylee Reese REMASTERED
In this remastered scene, which will now be available for mobile devices, Kylee Reese submits to a spanking from Rosario who swats her while speaking in Spanish. Claire Danes witnesses the spanking and is likely to get some more swats of her own.
Madam Snow Spanks Maddy In Office
Maddy Marks wants to return to the agency, but Madam Snow Mercy is hesitant to let her back in. Maddy flashes some serious attitude and Snow must correct that if Maddy is to return. This results in a painful spanking in the office for Maddy, with hand and a wooden ruler.
New Cook Gwen Vicious Gets Spanked By Clare
Madam Clare hired a new chef (Gwen Vicious in her first ever spanking shoot) for the cat house. She is so cute and dresses appropriately slutty. But she does not care what she cooks and calls the working girls very bad names. Clare Fonda is shocked and decides to teach this young lady a lesson in respect with a sound spanking on her bubble butt.
Rosario Stone Spanks Claire Dames REMASTERED
In this remastered classic, Rosario Stone sneaks in on Kylee Reese and her friend Claire Dames while they are asleep. After copping a feel or two she manipulates the girls into giving up their bare bottoms to get spanked, starting with Claire. Now available for mobile devices.
Chrissy Marie Punished By Boss Day 2
Chrissy Marie messes up her report at work. She is given a choice of having money deducted from her paycheck for the screw up, or accepting more punishment. She agrees to the caning and must bend over for several whacks with two different canes before going over the knee of her boss for a spanking.
Dria Spanks Gigi
Dria got spanked for borrowing a credit card from Gigi. But the credit card did not work. So Dria is back for some revenge. She puts Gigi over her knee for a very painful spanking that includes her hand and a hairbrush. Gigi learns her lesson the hard way and is left rubbing her sore, curvy bottom.
Clare Dames Butt Spanking and Plug REMASTERED
This sexy scene was remastered and now will be available on mobile devices. Claire Dames did not plan on losing a coin toss that meant she would be taking anal sex from her first client. After an old fashioned spanking the naked babe is anchored with a buttplug by Clare, a taste of things to come.
Chrissy Marie Punished By Boss Day 1
In part 1 of this custom, Chrissy Marie gets a new job where she must sign a wavier that says if she wants the job, she must accept corporal punishment whenever she messes up. She is late her first day and finds herself of the knee of big boss Mr. Smith for a spanking. Then she receives many strokes with 2 different canes.
Gigi Makes A Spanking Deal
Dria asks to borrow money from new girl Gigi Lea. Gigi will lend Dria her credit card but only if Dria agrees to take a spanking from her. Gigi has always admired that big juicy booty Dria has and has longed to give it a sound spanking over her knee. And that is exactly what she does.
Kylee Reese Spanked OTK REMASTERED
This remastered classic is now available in higher resolution and for mobile devices. Clare needs to make sure the sexy new girls can listen and follow orders. Looks are not everything in this business, although Kylee looks fetching OTK taking a good swatting from her new madam.
Alex More Gets Spanked By Madam Clare
Madam Clare Fonda confronts new girl Alex More about her poor attitude. When Alex calls out Clare for being too old to be a call girl, Madam Clare decides it is time to teach this young lady a lesson. She puts Alex over her knee for a long and painful spanking, turning that bottom bright red!
Delilah Day Meets Madam Clare
When Madam Clare Fonda discovers new girl Delilah Day is late for an appointment, she is so upset that she begins spanking the young beauty, despite her claims it was arranged. When a call clears it up, Delilah gets some revenge by giving Clare a truly painful spanking with a wooden bath brush. Delilah proves to be surprising dominant!
Heather and Kister Get Spanked
This scene (shot about 15 years ago) was never released on any site and only recently was the footage found. It stars Heather Smyth (who played Sandy on the Kara site) and Kister, who are running away to become call girls. Heather is spanked when her dad catches up with her. Then he spanks Kister, too. Then both together.


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